The Dutch Disciples is a brand new band founded by lead singer John Jaycee Cuijpers. John is best known from acts like Praying Mantis & Ayreon.

John sings in a bunch of other great Tribute bands already, however, his heart remains to be in his biggest inspiration:

             Ronnie (James) Dio (10.07.1942 – 16.05.2010).

The band, founded halfway 2017, has the wish to convince you that the music from bands like Rainbow and Black Sabbath with Ronnie (James) Dio and of course Ronnie's own band DIO is still absolutely unique and contains the real classics.

As you might know Ronnie (James) Dio unfortunately left us in 2010, so... with a real genuin Tribute night where we will put the “little” yet Great Man in the musical spotlights again, The Dutch Disciples wish to bring you back to the time when Ronnie James Dio enchanted us all like Rock ‘n Roll Children.

To complete his brand new RJD Tribute band John Jayce Cuijpers has gatherered, as “Partners in Crime”, the following musical friends:

Hans in 't Zandt / Drums (Ex Vengeance, Praying Mantis, August Life)
Gert Nijboer / Guitar (August Life, Highway Chile)
Luuk van Gerven / Bass (Ex After Forever, Robby Valentine)
René Kroon / Keys (The barstool Philosophers, Ex Sun Caged)